A small miracle

As a general rule, I try to discourage people from using translating dictionaries in my class. Translating dictionaries are useful for beginner students because they give you the most basic idea(s) of what a word means. But they can cause problems for other students, because most translating dictionaries don't adequately explain the differences between meanings, or explain how to use the word properly in a sentence.

A lot of students, however, don't like English-only dictionaries. They say that many of them are too heavy and bulky to carry; that the definitions are confusing; that they're expensive; and that they find them intimidating to use.

If you want to make the switch to an English-only dictionary, I've found a great solution. The Oxford Pocket Learner's Dictionary ( http://tinyurl.com/34yhwlz ) is a small (the size of my hand!), light (183 grams) dictionary that is suitable for intermediate and advanced learners. It doesn't contain all of the possible meanings that an English learner might need to use (for that, you may want to consult the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary... http://tinyurl.com/36g9plg ). The Pocket Learner's is affordable: it's about €17.50, or nearly two-thirds of the price of the Advanced Learners....and it's a LOT easier to carry around.

So now there's no excuse NOT to use an English-only dictionary!!

to discourage: to persuade someone not to do something.
adequately: enough; properly
bulky: large and difficult to move
intimidating: scary

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