Open Debate: Who speaks AMAZING English?

Okay, everybody. It's YOUR turn to contribute...

In your opinion, which Spanish citizen has the best English you've ever heard or read?

I'll tell you my opinion, but I want to hear your thoughts first. Plus I think the Vuelta de Castilla y León's on now, so I'll write back once the stage is done.

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Patricia Dawn SEVERENUK said...

OK, so here's my opinion. It's only an opinion, so....

The one time I was truly blown away (extremely pleasantly surprised) by a Spanish speaker of English was about four years ago. I was at a friend's house and he was watching CNN; as I came into the salon, I heard a voice with a VERY strong California accent talking about the Spanish economy. It was...Rodrigo Rato, sounding like a complete California surfer dude. It was crazy.

Obviously people who go to live in other countries have a huge advantage when they have to learn English -- ESPECIALLY if they don't have other Spanish speakers to talk to. This, however, shows that it's not totally correct to say that Spanish speakers cannot learn English. Some can, and very well, at that!