Why bother with Proficiency?

In this week's CPE newsletter, www.Flo-Joe.co.uk had some interesting thought about doing the Cambridge Proficiency exam:

CPE RECOGNITION - why bother doing the Proficiency exam?An important factor in a student's mind when deciding to take an exam is its currency for study or vocational purposes. CPE is wellrecognised both in the UK and abroad, so what are the typical benefits of passing the Proficiency? Firstly, CPE is recognised by just about all British universities for satisfying English languagerequirements and, according to Cambridge ESOL literature "a growing number of universities in the USA", where traditionally the TOEFL exam has greater recognition. It is not just in the academic fieldthat CPE is useful. Many companies around the world where potentialemployees are required to demonstrate a high level of language competence ask for CPE as evidence; furthermore, ongoing staff development programmes may work towards the exam. If you would like more information about how and where Cambridge ESOL examinations are recognised you can go the Cambridge ESOL website:

It's worth remembering that motivation is a key factor in how well you learn English. Having a specific goal in mind - doing an exam, for example - may help you improve your English and your learning skills this year.

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