We have a winner!

Congratulations to Juan Francisco Martinez Corbi, of Arganda del Rey (Madrid), who was the first to write in with the correct answer to our Stop Spanglish photo competition:

Hi Patri!I have just read your blog, the last two posts to be precise, and I have decided to take part in your first STOP SPANGLISH contest against Spanglish.
QUESTION A: I think the mistake is 'Cards of credit'.
QUESTION B: It's wrong because there are noun + noun compounds (in this case, cards + credit) to describe many common ideas, things or people in English and, in fact, to describe that specific object in the correct way. For this reason…
QUESTION C: The correct English should be, in my opinion, 'We do not accept credit cards'. There are two nouns. The first one (in singular) describes what kind of cards are them.

Don't forget to keep visiting the STOP SPANGLISH blog, so you can take part in future competitions.... I have a LOT of photos like this one.

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