Announcing the ENGLISH FOR EMIGRATION course

It felt weird typing that when I had to do it for the first time. Immigration - when people come INTO a country - has been such a hot topic in Spain for such a long time that it seems strange to think that people leaving the country is now an issue.

But so it is.

I started getting calls and e-mails last summer: "I want to practice for the TOEFL course; I can't find a job here and I can't see the point in staying here." "I'm not working in what I was trained to do and I don't want to wait forever." "I might as well do a master's degree in the States

Here's the story.

You can find basic information on the course at:
http://www.tusclasesparticulares.com/profesores-ingles/english-for-emigration-new-hopes-new-opportunities-152378. Unfortunately, this website doesn't allow you to put in a bunch of relevant information, so here's the other stuff that you should know:

* The course is on Tuesday nights from 8PM to 9.30 PM, so that's twelve hours over 8 weeks (from Tuesday, April 26th to Tuesday, June 14th.) If enough people agree to it, I may switch the course to Sunday nights.

* The cost of the course is €169, and if you're unemployed (you have one of the little carta things the Comunidad gives you), I'll take €30 off the price. Remember, as with all STOP SPANGLISH courses, all of your materials are included in the course. If you sign up with a friend, I'll also give each of you a €30 discount.

* Minimum number of participants is 3 and maximum is 6 - if I get three paid confirmations by April 25th, it's a go.

* If you'd like a week-by-week description of what the course offers, send me an e-mail and I'll send you a detailed course schedule.

I don't think that anyone should *have* to leave their jobs if they don't want to. But...if you're planning on leaving, you need to be prepared!!

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