Interview: Ken Gomez, the Genius behind the ENGLISH LEARNER'S NOTEBOOK

Ken Gomez worked as a product designer for twenty years before he took the plunge and became a CELTA-certified teacher last year. Now he's combined his two talents and created the ENGLISH LEARNER'S NOTEBOOK, which is on sale at Booksellers (c/Fernandez de la Hoz, 40 - Metro Iglesia or Gregorio Marañón) in Madrid.

I had the opportunity to speak with Ken this morning and to ask him to tell me more about the NOTEBOOK.

SS: This is fabulous! Where did you get the idea?

Ken Gomez: I studied a CELTA last year at Hyland Language School - I'd been working as a designer, but work was slipping away. While I was teaching, I was watching the students and how they learned, and I thought: If we gave them a notebook with templates, that might be helpful. So I spoke to Catherine Morely, I spoke to the people at Hyland, and they thought it was a good idea.

After all, every student needs a notebook, so if you have a tool, if you have templates, it's even better. It helps the students make their own English book as well! And it makes it easier for students to get into the habit of writing down the information they need.

SS: How has the reaction been so far?

Ken Gomez: I haven't had a lot of reaction yet, because the book's only been out for a couple of months; I've just had the reaction of some students and some teachers, but it's been really positive. Right now it's only on sale in Madrid at Booksellers, but I have someone in distribution looking at it. And people will be able to buy the book through the website (http://www.enleno.com) shortly.

SS: Any plans for a second edition yet?

Ken Gomez [laughing:] We still have to get through the first edition! But yeah, I've already started getting feedback from some teachers, and I already have some ideas about what to do with the second edition.

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