ON THE MOVE!!! Come visit us at our new website!

Well, as most of you will have noticed, things have been a little quiet around here lately. But there's a good reason why...

I have finally gotten off my butt and created a new and improved website...please stop by to visit it!


This is where you'll be able to find the "new" version of Stop Spanglish, called De2a2 Language Services.

Why the change?
  • I love my Spanish students, but some people (who weren't Spanish) thought that the classes were only for Spanish speakers. (Fair enough. Plus the name is kind of negative, when you think about it - and I wanted a company name that focused on growth, communication and opportunity.)
  • In the past year, the business has REALLY expanded to include other services, besides classes. I'm now doing virtual assistant work, and a LOT more translation.....which was hard to include in this blog, which is mostly about learning English.
  • I don't have any criticisms of Blogger as a platform - it's great for blogs. However, the new website will allow you to book classes directly from the website (as well as sign up for courses), submit requests and work orders, and do a lot of administrative stuff that I just couldn't do on this blog.
Once again, thanks to everyone for their continued support of Stop Spanglish, and I look forward to helping and serving you over at De2a2

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