Evernote and Business English: A cool idea

I know I drive a lot of you crazy by talking about useful Evernote is for organizing vocabulary. Well, I just saw another excellent idea that help you if you need to write a lot of e-mails in English:

1. Open Evernote. On the left-hand side of the screen, you'll see two lists: One is for notebooks, and the other is for individual notes. 

2. Create a Notebook called "Business English" or "Business Correspondence" (or something like that).

3. Once you've created the notebook, create a new note (or more than one) that focuses on the language you want to keep, and to refer to, more frequently. Some ideas might be: Phrasal verbs for business, Nice ways to ask for difficult things, Language for describing options and possibilities, things like that.
4. Every time you read (or hear) something useful or cool or funny or effective, be sure to open the note and write it down!

Yes, this method is a bit more work in the beginning. The reward, however, is that you'll save a lot of time and wasted brainpower trying to remember (or, worse, think of) specific language for specific situations.

Youcan learn more about Evernote at www.evernote.com (www.evernote.es in Spain.)

Thanks to FastCompany.com for the tip!

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