This doesn't have much pedagogical value, but...

...if you're looking for a daily smile, go over to Twitter and follow the Twitter feed of the Solihull Police force. I have no idea who does their Twitter posts, but damn, they are funny:

You know too much already....” -  freedom of information request. What's your zombie apocalypse plan?”

And this contribution to the classic Christmas song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas":

On the 1st day of Solihull Christmas my True twitter love gave to me ♬ 1 Martin Johnson ♬ Solihull rugby god who won the World Cup in 2003!

...which generated a lot of on-line eye-rolling, which, in turn, generated this post:

So you don’t like our Christmas rhyme, what is this the blinking X Factor? This is a local copper tweeting - who’d you expect, John Lennon?

Well....The Police, maybe?


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