Practice, not study: Mar's ideas

(This is another post that dates back to 2011, which I apologize for not publishing earlier...)

Mar and I were having class yesterday in the Parque del Oeste, and the topic came up about study versus practice. Here's what she does when she wants to work on her English, but doesn't have time to get study in....
  • Washing dishes: What are these things called? What adjectives can you use to describe utensils, pots and pans?
  • Cleaning around the house: What prepositions and adverbs do you need to describe location and movement? What are the machines called? How do you spell the names of the machines?
  • Grocery shopping: What are the English words that describe the groceries that you usually buy every week? Which ones are countable, and which ones are uncountable?
Remember: Study is fine as long as you're disciplined enough to do it. Most of us benefit from regular practice. It's better to do a little bit every day than a whole lot at one time...especially if you don't like those big, long study sessions.

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