What is an English class worth?

How much is an English class worth to you? Let me ask you this: who's worth more to you, your cleaning lady or your English teacher?

I just got off the phone with someone who wanted to pay me €10 an hour for classes. Well, once you calculate the travel time and the preparation time, that's what it would come out to.

I pay my cleaning lady €10 an hour and she can't even read.

Taking English classes is an investment. And sometimes, it's going to be expensive. That's why it's an investment. And I'm not sure why people will happily pay €60 for a lunch that will be digested in two hours, but balk at €25 for an English class that could help them get a job or improve their future.

If you want a trained, experienced English teacher to help you, please don't insult an English teacher by asking them to accept less money than you would pay someone who can't read.

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