It's TOUR time!

You know it's summer when the Tour de France starts! Here are three web pages that will help keep you up to date on what's happening:

Bicycling Magazine - BICYCLING used to be the best source of information about anything and everything that had to do with Lance Armstrong (which meant that if you wanted to read about any other American rider, you had to look elsewhere.) Recently, however, it's become a lot more diverse, and provides tons of information about training, nutrition and people who enjoy cycling. It's diverse, but it's not too hard to understand.

NY Velocity was originally set up as an information website for amateur and professional bike racers in New York City. Most people, however, read the page for its very sarcastic (and very funny!) comic strip, "As the Toto Turns", which imitates a soap opera (=telenovela) and has some very funny insights into life in the pro pelotón.

CyclingNews is one of the most diverse websites that talks about cycling (road, mountain, and cyclocross). Its coverage of Spanish cycling isn't so great (it looks like most of the articles were taken directly from AS and MARCA) but it's a great place to get results and statistics, and it's also one of the few websites that covers women's cycling.

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